Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weekend at Cherating, Kuantan

It was my office trip for a meeting mid nov 2010 at Cherating. So, bawak la mr hubby & ayesha together kan... We stayed at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa Cherating. The resort where i stayed just 2 weeks after we got married! Tapi this time with ayesha around la kan..

Mr hubby took the duty as mr mama and jaga ayesha while i was busy with the meeting. Bawak la ayesha round the resort semua..My girl loves swimming but hate the sands. You can see the change of expression whenever she enters the pool & stand on the sands. Bila tanya napa ayesha tak suka pasir..geli la mimi (well, till now she cant call me "mummy"). Perhaps one day ..... amin!

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