Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Psycho White Estima

It was last friday when my hubby asked me to teman him for a meeting in taiping. So i took a day off and consider myself "holiday for the wekend" la lebih kurang cuz we planned to go to bukit merah laketown. Since the meeting starts at 10am, we decided to left house at 5.30am....When we were on our way at jalan istana at 6am, there was this white estima tetiba je potong dari belakang.
Ok la we thought we were slow on the right lane, so my hubby shifted to the middle lane....tetibe dis car leh lak gie middle lane gak and started to bawak slow in front of us. Bile my hubby nak potong, tak bagi. It seems that dis car will make sure that we will not overtake him & he must be in front of our car no matter what! PSYCHO!
I managed gak la tgk his face ble ada one time my hubby managed to overtake him at one point..looks like malay pakai topi. tapi the windows all tinted. So im not really 100% sure. Can you imagine that it continues this way along sampai junction nak masuk highway utara kat jalan duta.....Hubby saja je tak bg signal dari awal that we are going to the left..ble dis car dah past the juncton, then only we masuk..and GUESS WHAT...die boleh break tgh2 jalan and macam konfius where we go, why we turn left...why tak folo die dah?????
It was an experience gak la as it was really early in the morning...with ayesha at the back yang was so pelik la dat car...hubby cakap either die mabuk or he just got nothing to do and wanted to have a bit of fun by doing that....apa-apa pun alhamdullilah takda pape...just that i wish i snap the pic of the car and report it to the police! PEMBULI JALANRAYA!

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hubby said...

emosi terjejas dek kerana kejadian tersebut?
hahaha...pagi2x subuh camtu yang bawak kete style camtu adalah jin!
abang leh handle lg..jgn risau ek syg