Friday, December 30, 2011

Fisher-Price Intelli--Table (PRELOVED) - SOLD

It developed with Microsoft Smart Technology
This is a great toy to have around for your growing baby.
Goes from 9 months up.
For infants stimulating activities for them to explore.
For toddlers to grow into interesting discoveries.
For preschoolers who need more advanced and greater challenges.

Has three learn rings:
- Basics- Making learning with basic skills and concepts:
- Corresponding lights and sound for every interaction.
-Music: each instrument says its name and plays 5 tunes.
-Games: 8 learning games challenge your child's mind.
Two rings can be stored underneath the tabletop.

**item is preloved
**good condition
**expect a bit of color faded

Chuppakidz: RM150

Fisher Price Aquarium Highchair Toy Tray (PRELOVED)

**it looks like this when you put it on the highchair tray. pic is courtesy from google search

**item is preloved
**highchair is NOT included
**music & light on the toy are NOT working but its still gives "fun time" for the baby and a peace of mind for you during meal time

Chuppakidz: RM45 (SOLD)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday themes????

The moment i hear the words "birthday" @ "party", i automatically get excited. I cant help myself putting on the thinking cap n started all the research on themes,favors,ideas,venue,food,guests and everything related about it....
This passion of mine started a long time ago and now since i have 2 kids, i will be able to plan two parties in a year.hurraaaahhhhh! But now as 2011 approaching to the end, i havent managed to plan for ayesha's 3rd birthday..why??

1) im so freaking busy with this new office n hardly got time to sit n plan
2) the daily routine that i have been going thru for the past 6 months makes my time so very limited
3) having two kids n trying to juggle my life as "mummy" @ "wife" @ "employer" @ "employee" @ "lawyer" @ businesswomen" = i need more time

When talking about themes, I got so many themes in my mind...for ayesha..for aisy....i want to do it all....the one that i really into it is my little pony theme. But the more i do research on it, more themes keep saying "hi" to me....Care bears, snow white, ice cream party, dora the explorer, strawberry shortcake, barbie .....
Let the time decide as i think i will be doing double celebration as aisy birthday is in January 2012 (omg, cant believe aisy going to be 1 already). But im planning to have a superhero party for aisy. But cars theme or even thomas the train would be great too.... But it wouldnt be suitable for my girl right?

I got approx 1 month to decide on the party theme....tick tock tick tock....Time is running!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aisy was admitted

It was in mid september when aisy was having the "on off fever" n as a mum, obviously it makes me worried eventhough i already have two angels.

On that monday morning-12th september 2011... we decided to go to KPJ Kajang n meet up with Dr. asmunni. N he told us, i think better for Aisy to be closely monitored n be given "gas" frequently dosage as the phelegm inside his lungs is quite bad.

Without any hesitation, we agreed for my little darling Aisy to be admitted n get all the necessary medications. We were at the hospital for 3 days 2 nights and alhamdulillah he recovers fast. Proud of you darling.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Full Swing (PRELOVED)-SOLD

Item is preloved
Functions well - light and music
Appreciate self collect at bangi due to bulky item and prefer not to detached it apart

Chuppakidz: RM300 (SOLD)

Sesame Street Polliwalks Clog Shoes (BRAND NEW)

Its brand new with tag
Original polliwalks

Chuppakidz: RM90 per pair

Thank you

Dora the explorer velvet backpack

Item is brand new
Ready stock
Suitable for toddlers
It has 3 zip compartments (front = 2, behind = 1)

Chuppakidz: RM45 (SOLD)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sand and water play

One of the outdoor activity that ayesha loves to do - playing with the sands and water. She can really get herself drenched with water whenever she has the oppurtunity.

i remembered how she used to be scared with sands last time. She wont touch it & even step on it. Because of that, I managed to set up my own "front yard" for my kids to get dirty and for her to overcome her fear. And it works!

Now, she's 3 and look at her now, my very brave little girl. Im proud of you darling...
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bugaboo Cameleon Travel Bag (Rarely Used) - RESERVED

Item is used twice
Perfectly looks as new
Great invention to store your beloved bugaboo
**stroller is not included

Chuppakidz: RM250

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Critterland again

The first time i brought ayesha here was i was after my confinement. Today, we decided to take aisy along to explore this playland. I love this place as its huge with lots activities and yet its not crowded at all especially when you come during weekdays. Enjoy all the pics i managed to snapped on that day.

Ayesha is enjoying the big slide with her abah.

Aisy trying to crawl

At the ball pit.look at aisy- the "fear"expression!

You can also organize your party or playdate group here.
They have wide party area and its clean.
Just the cons aout this place, there is no "baby changing station".

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