Friday, December 30, 2011

Fisher-Price Intelli--Table (PRELOVED) - SOLD

It developed with Microsoft Smart Technology
This is a great toy to have around for your growing baby.
Goes from 9 months up.
For infants stimulating activities for them to explore.
For toddlers to grow into interesting discoveries.
For preschoolers who need more advanced and greater challenges.

Has three learn rings:
- Basics- Making learning with basic skills and concepts:
- Corresponding lights and sound for every interaction.
-Music: each instrument says its name and plays 5 tunes.
-Games: 8 learning games challenge your child's mind.
Two rings can be stored underneath the tabletop.

**item is preloved
**good condition
**expect a bit of color faded

Chuppakidz: RM150

Fisher Price Aquarium Highchair Toy Tray (PRELOVED)

**it looks like this when you put it on the highchair tray. pic is courtesy from google search

**item is preloved
**highchair is NOT included
**music & light on the toy are NOT working but its still gives "fun time" for the baby and a peace of mind for you during meal time

Chuppakidz: RM45 (SOLD)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday themes????

The moment i hear the words "birthday" @ "party", i automatically get excited. I cant help myself putting on the thinking cap n started all the research on themes,favors,ideas,venue,food,guests and everything related about it....
This passion of mine started a long time ago and now since i have 2 kids, i will be able to plan two parties in a year.hurraaaahhhhh! But now as 2011 approaching to the end, i havent managed to plan for ayesha's 3rd birthday..why??

1) im so freaking busy with this new office n hardly got time to sit n plan
2) the daily routine that i have been going thru for the past 6 months makes my time so very limited
3) having two kids n trying to juggle my life as "mummy" @ "wife" @ "employer" @ "employee" @ "lawyer" @ businesswomen" = i need more time

When talking about themes, I got so many themes in my mind...for ayesha..for aisy....i want to do it all....the one that i really into it is my little pony theme. But the more i do research on it, more themes keep saying "hi" to me....Care bears, snow white, ice cream party, dora the explorer, strawberry shortcake, barbie .....
Let the time decide as i think i will be doing double celebration as aisy birthday is in January 2012 (omg, cant believe aisy going to be 1 already). But im planning to have a superhero party for aisy. But cars theme or even thomas the train would be great too.... But it wouldnt be suitable for my girl right?

I got approx 1 month to decide on the party theme....tick tock tick tock....Time is running!

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Aisy was admitted

It was in mid september when aisy was having the "on off fever" n as a mum, obviously it makes me worried eventhough i already have two angels.

On that monday morning-12th september 2011... we decided to go to KPJ Kajang n meet up with Dr. asmunni. N he told us, i think better for Aisy to be closely monitored n be given "gas" frequently dosage as the phelegm inside his lungs is quite bad.

Without any hesitation, we agreed for my little darling Aisy to be admitted n get all the necessary medications. We were at the hospital for 3 days 2 nights and alhamdulillah he recovers fast. Proud of you darling.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fisher Price Aquarium Cradle Full Swing (PRELOVED)-SOLD

Item is preloved
Functions well - light and music
Appreciate self collect at bangi due to bulky item and prefer not to detached it apart

Chuppakidz: RM300 (SOLD)

Sesame Street Polliwalks Clog Shoes (BRAND NEW)

Its brand new with tag
Original polliwalks

Chuppakidz: RM90 per pair

Thank you

Dora the explorer velvet backpack

Item is brand new
Ready stock
Suitable for toddlers
It has 3 zip compartments (front = 2, behind = 1)

Chuppakidz: RM45 (SOLD)