Saturday, January 29, 2011

Anniversary & contraction!!

HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY abah & mummy!

Ive been married for 3 years already. .26th January 2008 was the "magic date"! Still fresh in my mind how that day was! Ive been blessed with a caring hubby, a beatiful baby girl & insyaallah this coming lil "baby"... Thank you mr hubby for everything - your love, your care, your everything that makes me happy all the time!

Mr hubby was hoping the baby pops out on the anniversary date but unfortunately NOT! Today is 29th January .... i had this contraction at 2am and still continues while im typing this! got to the hospital dis morning since got shows (blood + mucus) and it shows that my contraction = MILD & cervix open = 1cm.. advisable to go home 1st & rest at home.

But knowing me, i cant get myself to sit quietly for 10 mins..ive been doing all the sorting out "last minute" of the newborn so that i dont miss anything. even though ive already prepare & sort everything perfectly. thing. ayesha already with mama & ayah (im missing her actually right now. i do hope she is okay & doing fine)

Tgh sort things out, ive checked the camera & the memory card rosak! ayo..... what an important bits. Told mr hubby & straight go buy a new one! but quite sad gak la cuz my old memory cards got many momentos pics which i tak sempat nak save in other place! got my self a frozen yogurt at tutti frutti (perhaps cant have it during pantang, so belasah lah dulu puas2)

chupp...the contraction hits again now...while im typing this, its 7 mins gap! But plz, let me tahan till 12 am as my doctor is on leave today. i dont want a replacement doctor to in charge! Pray hard-darling baby....tunggu sket lagi kay! 2 jam lagi to 12am kay!

tik tok tik tok!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ayesha's Elmo Polliwalks arrives!

Im so thrilled to share this adorable elmo polliwalks!
Ive ordered this polliwalks (its like crocs) and well receives it last week.
Sgt suka eventhough the size is quite big for her.
But at least she can wears it later once she's older!
Its a MUST for a sesame street fans to have it!

more infos on polliwalks here:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fisher Price Snack Pod (BN)

- New design works on virtually all car seats on the market
- It works great on stroller, shopping carts & portable high chairs
- Cup holder has rubber grips to hold even the smallest sippy cups & even the largest too
- Two removable snack cups with snap close lids allow mom to bring multiple snacks
- Patent Pending attachment method assures a tight & secure fit
- Dishwasher safe.

Chuppakidz: RM58.00 (inc postage)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The awaiting moments - zapp extra!

The quinny zapp extra already arrives at my door step!
This 2 units are for yan (kelantan) & shila (terengganu) - already courier via gdex today!
Hope you will enjoy it!

**anybody interested on this, kindly email me or sms me! Units are VERY limited left! (esp rebel red!!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Quinny Zapp Extra ARRIVES (at last!)

Dear mummies/ Daddies:

The adorable yet stylish quinny zapp extra is already ready stock!
Interested to get yours, kindly sms me @ 0173350680!

Quinny Dreami Carry Cot (PRELOVED)-SOLD

This is hardly used quinny dreami carry cot.
Its purplish blue in color. Not found in Malaysia!

Quinny Dreami carrycot in excellent condition. It has the original mattress plus a custom made 'cool' one from the UK, 4 custom made sheets & mosquito net!!

**Pic 1= the exact color

**Pic 2 = quinny dreami cot attached to maxi cosi taxi stroller

Quinny Dreami Carry Cot itself = RM550
Quinny Dreami Carry Cot + Maxi Cosi Taxi Citi Stroller = RM1k only (value buy)

(Note: Maxi Cosi Taxi Citi stroller, with adaptors to be used with both the carrycot and car seat. The pushchair seat is removable and has never been used (wheels only used for the carrycot and car seat). Light weight and folds up very small.

**just add RM350 for a maxi cosi cabriofix carseat (color matches the carry cot)
**price quoted is for self pick up only @ bandar baru bangi

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Baby Shower (Yeay!)

It was my baby shower planned by the gals. (Bestest friends since sekolah!) Really appreciate it & it was sweet & nice! Since i wanted to keep it a surprise of the gender, the theme is neutral ie. YELLOW!.

Thank you wishes dedicated personally to the 4 beautiful darlings and the hubbys & 2 cheeky kidz (danya & aiden)!!

Tqvm Fiza and Andy - the hostess
Tqvm Dayang and Zul - the photographer + deco-rator (i believe)
Tqvm Liz & Siddiq - the amazing self-made Diaper cake!
Tqvm Yay and Farid - red velvet cup cakes yang ayesha non stop makan kay!


Peg Perego Pliko 3 Classico (PRELOVED)

Peg Perego
Package including:
travel bag, mosquito net, infant seat adaptor (to be used with infant carseat-not included)
rarely used

WAS: RM650
NOW: RM550 only
(retail: RM1399)

Baby Bjorn Carrier Active (PRELOVED)

Brands: Baby Bjorn

Provides back stability Enhanced adjustable lumbar support. Ergonomic for your child Properly supports your child’s head, back and hips. Safe and user-friendly Safe for your child and easy for you to put on and take off without assistance.

**preloved item
**almost new - used few times only

**2 pcs baby bjorn bibs are included - FOC

Chuppakidz: RM400 (retail: RM599)

Kolcraft Jeep Overland Sport Stroller (PRELOVED) - SOLD

Brand: Kolcraft Jeep

The Jeep Overland Sport Stroller in Sprint is constructed to be the best jogging stroller for the value, the fixed 16 front wheel provides better handling over bumps and curbs.

Conditions: rarely used. perfect condition

Videos review:

Chuppakidz: RM4xx

Evenflo Pack & Play Playpen (PRELOVED) - SOLD


**It is a pack & play cot ie. suits for travelling

**It has music/vibrate options

**It has a bassinet and changing station

**Also includes 2 travel cot sheets

**free postage

like new

Chuppakidz: RM350


Friday, January 14, 2011

Quinny Zapp Extra has ARRIVES!

Good News on Friday Morning!

The Quinny Zapp Extra has already arrives at port klang now.
So, by next week it can be distributed to all customers who has confirmed their booking!

**For those who planned to get one, you are welcome to do so!
**50% deposits is required upon confirmation of booking!
**Save RM199 from the suggested retail price!
**Kindly fill up the order form to purchase!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ayesha's 2nd "Sesame Street" Birthday Party

The invitation card

The Venue: One Club, Bukit Utama

Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl

The Party Favors - what's inside?

crayon rolls with crayons inside made from elmo fabric,playdoh, arm floats, colouring book, chocs ball

The Party Food - oscars orange crush, zoe's fried rice, elmo cheesecake, snuffie's fish fingers, ernie's chicken nugget, cookie monster's drummet, big bird's sausage, telly's mini spring roll

The Deco & The Dessert Table - marshmallow, jelly beans, lollypop, cotton candy,
fruit jelly, choki2, fancy biscuits, dorothy fish crackers

The Enjoyment - "Water Play" & "Inflatable Bouncing Castle" Momentos

Among the Guests

Presents Table

Capturing the moments

Theme: Sesame Street
Venue: One Club Bukit Utama
Date: 7.11.2010 (ayesha's real birth date)
Party Deco: Me & "zarif's mummy"
Party Dessert Food: Me & "zarif's mummy"
Party Food: One Club & mama
Cake: home made by kak rozie
Photographer: darling kak milin & "zarif's papa"
Printables (deco, favors, food etc) : Me & "zarif's mummy"

**Most important features = budget = around 3k (sshhh.....)