Tuesday, December 28, 2010


AS in the previous post i mentioned on the "makcik urut" i will be getting for this coming baby, well i got it from kak rozi (jemari tradisonal). Introduced by loving peya, she had one of makcik urut from k.rozi early this year.

Without hesitation, i called up k.rozi and chit chat with her and straight away sealed a deal with her because i was considered LATE in getting myself a makcik urut. Yela, i was 7 months already on the time when i confirmed with her.

Since this time ive decided to berpantang at my own house in Bangi as i believe that "familiar surroundings" is an advantage for ayesha (well, she already 2 now & very reliable "kakak" i can predict), so i think ive made my choice right. Ayesha has started playing on her own, getting comfortable with her toys & every inch of the house.. Its also easy for my dear hubby to go to work (bangi-putrajaya-bangi) if we decided to just stay at our place this time.

After discussing with kak rozi & according to my budget, ive decided to take "makcik urut tinggal bersama" package for 14 days! That would be an advantage for me since the package includes everything aka help that a "mommy" needs during that the first critical weeks! Then my mum said that she will be taking "cuti" for a month after makcik urut balik. YEAY!

14 Days Package - Stay In + Transportation

14 Hari = RM 1,800.00

6x Urutan Bersalin,

14x Penyediaan Mandian Herba, Bertungku, Ikatan Kain Bengkung

7x Terapi Sinar Infrared

2x Lulur Herba

3x Bertangas

Memasak Masakan dan Minuman Pantang

2x Sehari Mandi dan Urut Bayi

Penjagaan Bayi: : Mencuci Pakaian Ibu dan Bayi dan Menukar Lampin Bayi

**makcik urut will masak for you too! Resepi tak lah terlalu "macam orang bersalin"! (according to peya!)




k.rozi (Jemari Tradisional -


not yet tried but insyaallah okay!


Schnookie said...

Rindunya to be pregnant baru 3 months dah start thinking to have another one...waiting for your review, like me baby arrive 3 weeks before due date and a week before confinement lady yg pre-booked dah balik kampung and none available at that time...sedihnya but manage to get one at last..pray for your safe delivery..amin and a healthy baby too..insyallah..

chuppakidz said...

thank you dear. sian nyer you. tapi takpe, everything dah selamat kan?this one pun agak last minute gak book nyer. Hopefully it goes as what ive plan.amin!

Anonymous said...

dear chuppakidz,
salam and congratulations on the birth of your second baby :-)

kalau you don't mind, boleh i tanya your experience and comment on service jemari? saya due in jun/july tahun nie and tengah risau pasal apa nak buat time pantang nanti.
harap chuppakidz don't mind, saya bertanya....lyn

suraya said...

nak tanyer, how's ur experience with jemari tradisional? hope to hear good feedback coz i'm still searching Confinement Lady for my 2nd delivery soon. thank you