Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Im 34 weeks pregnant now. Which equivalent to 8.5months. After a month of struggling finding a "makcik urut" aka "confinement lady" for this second child of mine, akhirnya dah dapat. Now i want to share some infos on "confinement" after some times of researching + googling! (**NOTED: this is an unbiased review from me!)

Last time when i was having ayesha, i had IREE TOUCH as my confinement lady. Sealed a deal with k.ida (the owner) 5 months before i think. I had the prenatal massage at 8.5months at IREE TOUCH centre in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Great spa treatment for a "becoming mama" - scrub, hot bath, massage by aunty melor (a muslim filipino). When ayesha arrived on 7 November 2008 by normal delivery, k.ida (she will wait until aunty lily finished her job) has brought aunty lily (a muslim filipino) as my "makcik urut" on the 4th day of my confinement. I had my confinement period in my mum's place at Semenyih.

The package i took & my schedule under IREE TOUCH:
10 days package (3-4 hours everyday in the morning)

Kak ida arrives with aunty lily. prepared bath water for me & ayesha. Aunty lily will bathe ayesha first while waiting for me to take my bath. Ayesha was later past to another helper of aunty lily (sometimes kak ida brought along another helper to look up for ayesha while i had my "urut" time). Aunty lily urut me, tungku, bengkung! after finished, past ayesha for breastfeed. For closing session everytime, I was given ginger honey tea help me warm myself! They went home after everything settled. This schedule was repeated for the first 7 days of my confinement & 3 days towards the last 40days!

Im using tanamera confinement set ( & really love the products. Its all about spa here! Nice smells! Jamu? nope! not even a pill! haha! I ate lots of multivitamins & fish oil! Param, pilis etc - tu semua lagi tak pakai eventhough mama bising gak la kan!

Total package paid:
package+transportation (puchong-semenyih)+tanamera products = around RM2000 (if tak silap)

recommended. but early booking is needed!
IREE TOUCH: 0122816016

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