Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ayesha 1st swimming lesson

I bought from groupon - the swimming lessons worth rm240 for only rm80 for 4 classes = once a week. It was almost years ive been searching for the baby swim class. Well, i did look for it since ayesha was born and yet to find one till now. The class is conducted by canyon aquatics at tropicana city mall condo. Just above the tropicana city mall. The class for ayesha is at 11am on sunday.

The class was actually for ayesha only.but on that day, we came a bit late so in order to make used of the rm i paid, ayesha and aisy had an extra time to dip in the pool and enjoyed themselves.

They are just so adorable- my heart and soul!

Ayesha was a bit phobia of the swimming pool these past few months. Because she once slipped herself into the pool and failed to hold on to me. Since that, she wasnt into the swimming...we are still in the trying effort to make her to loves water back as much as she does last time.

She prefers to just be by herself instead of joining the coach (guy in the black suit)

This is the tropicana condo.

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