Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Its a Birthday Party

William (the one in checkered shirt) is one of Ayesha's classmates at Treetop. She got the invites on the 1st day of school and the mummy (Intan) needs RSVP by 15th Jan. But i was so occupied and totally forgot about it and was late in giving the answer.

It was held @ Tito Restauraunt, Jalan Damai and the theme was Jungle Friend. It was a nice place and the host is very welcoming. The party had a game master & face painter to keep the kids entertained. There aws like a petting mini zoo outside the restaurant but still in the compound. they had iguana, rabbit, hamsters and some tortoise if i can recalled. It was a great party and Ayesha did enjoyed herself despite she's being shy on that day.

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