Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fitfor 2 : Classes for mummy and baby

During my pregnancy last time, ive bumped into this place called Fitfor2. Situated in Bangsar Village in front of the Kidzsports. It is a place where mummies (preggie or non-preggie) to do exercise with a professional trainer but the best part is that you can exercise with your baby tag along you. There is a fitness studio, a cafe and a mummy's room to quietly breastfeed the baby or change nappy (plus free diapers that can be use by mummies).

Ive managed to try one of the class - (fitball exercise) to lossen up all the post preggie fats. It was an exciting one hour class with ayesha by my side. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable. As you can see the pic above, that is ayesha after accompanied mummy exercising :-)

Venue: Firfor2, Bangsar Village (Level 2)

Few pics i took from google image

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