Thursday, August 11, 2011

She is born (my #1)

The Ultrasound Images
my first ultrasound-7 weeks!

 my 2nd ultrasound-14 weeks!

my third ultrasound- see d head and badan dah

 see that chubby face and nose!

i think this is around 38 weeks dah!
soon we will meet darling...


I had a smooth delivery at Hospital An-Nur Bangi with my beloved Dr. Khamsiah. 
Had to surrender myself at around 7.30am whereby i had to drive myself to the hospital bearing the contraction pain (which im not sure if thats the sign of contraction). Hubby need to go for his report duty at his new work place the same day ayesha was born. So i had no choice but need to do it myself.

It was a beautiful Friday dated 7 November 2008, at 8.57pm after tahan sakit for more than 10 hours.. I did tok epidural at around 4.30pm. Barely feel my legs and its such an experience. But for me, even with EPI, the pain is crazy.... i did throw tantrum with the nurses scolding them why i still feel the pain even after i took my EPI. Perhaps, the dosage put on me was not enough. I dont know..

Finally, a beautiful 3.25kg girl was born after pushed for 3x times. 
and she is called AYESHA IRDINA. 

You are like an angel to me syg!
Mummy loves you so much

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