Friday, March 4, 2011

My confinement days

ayesha tryin to get her mood same as mummy = experiencing "confinement"!

First of all, thank you for all those ppl who are interested to buzz me asking about "my confinement". Im so sorry it takes me such a long time to get this post posted! Was so busy with everything else!

Well, as you all know, i took Jemari Tradisional (better known as Kak Rozi) for my confinement this time. In life, you can only plan for it but it doesnt mean that it should be like how you want it to be right. Memang at first the package i booked was the "STAY IN" package but i had to change the package last minute (2 weeks after aisy was borned since i was told that he is G6PD deficiency and everything was not fall in place after the news) to a "BASIC PACKAGE" offered by Jemari Tradisional.

Since ive paid Jemari Tradisional a deposits of RMxxx before my EDD, the total package im entitled for the basic package = 4 days! For information, Jemari Tradisional is like "an agent" only which means she is not the one who will be your confinement lady @ makcik urut (CL). She will get the CL in her list to helped you out during the confinement and all of them are very widely experienced when it comes to this.

As for me this time around, i "berpantang" at my MIL's house in KL and my CL who was assigned to me was Kak Maz and meeting her on the first day, makes me felt very comfortable with her. She will come by herself to your place via her own transportation.

This basic package taht JEMARI Tradisional offered inclusives of = preparing herbal bath + urut + infra red + tungku + bengkung = approx 3 hours!

VERDICT: the herbal bath prepared exclusively by kak maz (RM30 for 7 days usage = fresh from the ground - daun pandan, serai wangi, limau, manjakani, ubat periuk, etc. This fresh bath ingredients is NOT inclusive in jemari package.But you can request from JEMARI TRADISIONAL to prepare it for you). Her urut very nice. Mmg sesuai untuk urutan "pengurusan badan" as kak maz nie mmg expert in urutan slimming! Tungku macam bese la & the infra red adalah menarik!

Overall, im happy with both services = Kak rozy (from Jemari) for introducing Kak Maz to me. Really appreciate everything.thank you!

**this entry is not a substitution for describing Jemari Tradisional service. Do liaise directly with Kak Rozy of Jemari Tradisional for more details.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on ur gorgeous baby! I would love the CL contact details. Have emailed you.