Friday, January 7, 2011

Mummy - ape tu? apa ni?

Getting my weekly updates on ayesha's progress from what they said is true! A 2 year old will ask you anything & everything!

".....Your little one's a budding conversationalist, even if you're the one doing most of the talking. He's beginning to ask lots of questions, a development that fills two needs for him: It's a way of finding out about things, and it's also a way of keeping the interchange with you going. That lets him engage with you longer and pick up even more words.

Early favorite questions include "Why?" and "What's that?" (Or simply, "Dat? Dat?") As his language skills grow more sophisticated, so will his questions: "What's making that sound?" "What if the car went off the road?" "Why don't the birds fall down?"

Try to answer his questions as quickly as you can, in simple, full sentences. "Birds have wings that keep them up in the air." Being responsive encourages future questions, and your answers help him learn from your example how to put sentences together. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know." Find a book on the subject to share. ...."

ayesha: mimi (it was meant for mummy-dats what she called me) apa tu?
mummy: car
ayesha : car... (3 seconds later) mimi, ape tue?
mummy : car
ayesha : car .. (3 seconds later) mimi, tu ape?
mummy : ayesha, tu apa?
ayesha : car la mimi ... (then terus stop tanya dah)

what im trying to highlight here is that, she is trying to build up some vocabs, get some attention & just in the position of being curious....

**last friday, she was in the car..seating at her car seat when suddenly i heard she sings..."IBU, IBU, Engkaulah ati atiku, bila ku beduka, kau iburkan slalu..IBU..IBU..kaula ratu atiku...(really touch with her effort to sing such a sweet song! - tq darling!)

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