Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ayesha's 2nd "Sesame Street" Birthday Party

The invitation card

The Venue: One Club, Bukit Utama

Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl

The Party Favors - what's inside?

crayon rolls with crayons inside made from elmo fabric,playdoh, arm floats, colouring book, chocs ball

The Party Food - oscars orange crush, zoe's fried rice, elmo cheesecake, snuffie's fish fingers, ernie's chicken nugget, cookie monster's drummet, big bird's sausage, telly's mini spring roll

The Deco & The Dessert Table - marshmallow, jelly beans, lollypop, cotton candy,
fruit jelly, choki2, fancy biscuits, dorothy fish crackers

The Enjoyment - "Water Play" & "Inflatable Bouncing Castle" Momentos

Among the Guests

Presents Table

Capturing the moments

Theme: Sesame Street
Venue: One Club Bukit Utama
Date: 7.11.2010 (ayesha's real birth date)
Party Deco: Me & "zarif's mummy"
Party Dessert Food: Me & "zarif's mummy"
Party Food: One Club & mama
Cake: home made by kak rozie
Photographer: darling kak milin & "zarif's papa"
Printables (deco, favors, food etc) : Me & "zarif's mummy"

**Most important features = budget = around 3k (sshhh.....)


Schnookie said...

Happy birthday ayesha..!!

3k..kalo mcm ni kene spare 5 ringgit sehari la for my Khaleesya's 1st Birthday!

chuppakidz said...

haha....maybe its just me kut! tapi tu pun byk buat sendiri dear..kalau i upah org, lagi ridiculous amount nyer! do see ayesha 1st "alice in wonderland" party post too!