Tuesday, June 18, 2013

VTech ABC Learning Classroom

The interactive ABC Learning Classroom brings school directly to your child as it guides them through a variety of different play modes that teach about letters, phonics, vocabulary, and more! The teacher provides hints during play while the students in the classroom pop up with responses and answers. For added interactivity, parents can download their child's name, favorite activity, favorite food, and their pet. This electronic learning toy also comes with three additional student figures to personalize your child's classroom.

ABC Learning Classroom Features

  • Educational toy teaches letters, phonics, vocabulary and more.
  • Teacher + 26 3D student figures guide children through fun learning activities .
  • Student figures stand up when buttons are pressed to answer questions .
  • Also presents school related 'Rules of the Classroom' through fun interaction.
Chuppakidz: RM249.90

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