Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Kids @ Cherie Hearts Ampang - Part 2

Ayesha was the only one different in here as i only send her for after school care. While most of the kids with cherie hearts uniform are the full day programme. Ayesha goes to treetophouse in the morning for her playschool. Both schools are good and im glad i send her to both.

Its nearly June and it means that my kids are nearly a year here. And that means ive been traveling back and forth bangi-ampang for the past 1 year just to send my kids to school. It is a hectic crazy thing to do for the past a year but i think i got immune to it already (hahaha!)

Here are some pics of Aisy there (i sent him when he was 4 months old and now he is 16 months already - how time flies)  as they have been so familiar and attached to the teachers there! Aisy gets so attached with the teachers and i bet if i changed his school right now, i will be having big problems. im sure.

  This activity is to sharpen your hands grasp & motor skills by letting the babies to feel n touch the nuts...

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