Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The best toothpaste for your baby

As at today, Aisy has 8 tooth = 4 up & 4 down. So, ive obviously has started the toothbrushing routine on him way when he had 2 tooth which i think its somewhere when he was 6 months. Last time when ayesha also, i did use this first theeth brand as i find it it suits for your baby. As in no "hot" taste and its safe if they tend to swallow it which im sure they will.

It has the banana and apple flavors and you can easily get it at guardian or watsons. Im sure your baby will be delighted to use it. Aisy will get super excited when he enters the bathroom and straight away pointing at the toothbrush in order to gimme the sign that "mummy, i want to brush my teeth plz"....

The price might be pricey but you will only need a pea of  size everytime you use it. So it can last long till a year (dont be surprised! Im serious). Cost = RM24.90

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