Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jumperoo experience for my lil boy

When i first bought a jumperoo, Ayesha was about 6 months of age if i i can recalled. And it was just the fisher price deluxe jumperoo- preloved. But it was way too "old" for Ayesha to try on it when i bought it that time. I just had it for a month and decided to let it go after that.

So for Aisy, i bought it way much much earlier which when he was about 2 months if im not mistaken. The first exoerience he had was when i tried to put him for a while at 4 months and he started to jumped non stop n wondering what is exactly i need to do with it.

As time goes by and now Aisy has already reaching 10 months, he has slow down a bit in enjoying the jumperoo. But it doesnt mean that he stops to like it, he is just in the "cruising" mood now - you know trying to hold on to everything especially holding to mummy & abah!

Enjoy the pictures i managed to captured while he was having fun on the jumperoo including when he doozed off while jumping! so cute.That's my boy...Love u darling!

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