Monday, May 16, 2011

its been a while!

It seems like my long holidays will be over soon. Having a full 4 months "confinement" taking care both of my kids are amazingly best! Even though i do sometimes complained that im tired having them 24/7 but there are just adorable in their own way. Ayesha is being so clingy with me while Aisy already starting to recognized people around him!

Ayesha has successfully potty trained which includes no diaper when we are out to the mall etc.. While Aisy (i was told by the doctor) that he is in good health & i have no worries in sending him to the nursery. We have decided to send him to ayesha's current nursery in bangi. While for ayesha, im still figure out where i should send her. I want her to get involves with new surroundings, environment, friends, race & new things! Since i will be working in kl starting june, so i think i will be sending her in kl area..but the ques is where? Will keep on looking until next week before i step my feet to the world of "LEGAL" once again!!! (**boring!)

This is the latest pic of my handsome baby boy at 3 months old of age! He is just adorable!
And of course the darling kakak ayesha with her own way!

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KidsDreamWork said...

Hello Iza, thanks for leaving me a message in I've sent you an email on the cookies cutters. By the way, your kids are so cute! :)