Monday, April 11, 2011

Disney On Ice - Treat for my girl!

It was the Disney On Ice again in Malaysia. This time i went with my girl without my hubby as he needs to take care of Aisy. im not alone as Liz decided to brought Aiden along.
So it was kinda mummy/daughter + mummy/son outing la dat day.

Liz convinced me to bought the front seat ticket this time since we only paid for 1 ticket. it was a very good seat and it was so near that you can feel the cold ice at your face.

After so many Disney On Ice show that i went, i believed this is the BEST and ENTERTAINING show ever they came up. The previous i went was so boring that Mr Hubby doozed off half way thru the show (can you imagine that?)

Here are some of pictures from the show. I was so careless that i forgot to charge the battery of my camera. So i managed to take the opening act by "mickey & gang" + "disney cars" + "the lion king" and of coz "the little mermaid".

The show is spectacular! Two thumbs up!!

This is the video i managed to record before my camera battery gone flat

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