Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Spread the goodness of MILK"! ALL FOR aisy!

Ive started pumping milk on the 2nd day AISY was born. Alhamdullilah until now (aisy = 28 days), ive managed to get all these for my stocks! Since there is not enuf space in our fridge, ive managed to get myself the deep freezer on thursday & just delivered today! HUrrah! Nie yang buat lagi bersemangat nak pump & pump & pump!
I can do it .... so are you! Lets spread the goodness of milk to our lil' ones!


Far said...

where did u get ur deep freezer from? been looking for one for over a yr! how much does it cost?

chuppakidz said...

hi dear, i bought kat kedai letrik near my me for full details, price kay!

Honey said...

Does the deep freezer seem to consume a lot of electricity?