Monday, November 22, 2010

Im Pregnant! (My #2)

Im pregnant with my second one. Well, basically its already approaching 8 months.
Gender? hmmm...not really sure as the cute angel is always hiding during the scan.

How do i feel? excited...tired (cuz ayesha still a small girl for me), not really realizing that i have a baby bump and its getting bigger. How does ayesha feels? She is excited and did showed some signs that she can be a big sista, so i hope everything turned out great for her.

Stuffs to buy? honestly, i dont know what to buy. When hubby said, jom g bli brg baby. I just looked at him with a blank face "nak bli pe". It seems that we have everything already which mostly are pink (just the thoughts if the baby is BOY) ... Perhaps i shud get back my "BABY LIST to buy" again to get started.

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