Monday, May 24, 2010

JUST TO SHARE on some facts

I just want to share with all my beloved customers on some facts regarding few things.

A) on quinny buzz

- the 1st model was made known to the market in 2005.
- from there, the colors changed, the features+designs is upgraded every year. It makes ppl more easier to identify the model according to the year its been produced.
- complete set of buzz comes with these basic accessories -usually comes with mosquito net, raincover, sun canopy/hood, adaptor.

- the additional accessory ie. Buzz XL seat @ toddler seat does not included in 2005-2008 model.
- It only included as part of the complete set starting from end of 2009 model and the 2010 current model.
- however, due to demand and needs, manufacturer has come out with the xl seat designed for the Buzz 2007, 2008 and 2009 which is sold separately.
- This XL seat is filled with a thinner layer of a firm foam material, creating more space for your toddler.


  • Gives more room to bigger toddlers.
  • Attaches to the existing Buzz seat frame (sold separately)
  • All functions of the seat remain intact. (adjustable tilt, adjustable footrest, safety harness)
  • Manufactured from a sturdy polyester fabric
  • Washable.
  • Attached to the Original Quinny part.
1. Therefore, please bare in mind that if you are planning to buy the quinny buzz especially the preloved set, please check the advertisement clearly on what is being offered to you.

2. Double confirm with the person on what included in the package. If its all been confirmed and you know what you going to received later, then only you commit to it because you have already satisfied with the offer by accepting it.

3. Do take note especially on the additional accessory which is sold separately eg. XL seat as you dont want suddenly the buyer claims that the particular additional accessory should included in there and insist that she deserves to own it despite the fact that its not in the original package in the 1st place/not mentioned in the advertisement/not offered in the advertisement.

quinny buzz 2005 -
quinny buzz 2006 -
quinny buzz 2007 -
quinny buzz 2008 -
quinny buzz 2009 -
quinny buzz 2010 -
quinny buzz black & white 2010 -

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B) on my biz

1. Do take note also that if the items that is not offered in the package/not included or mentioned in the advertisement, you do not have the right to claim for it once you have commit to accept the offer by way of conduct: by paying up deposit, making flexi or full payment or even after you have accept the item completely with full payment made.

2. As a buyer myself, i sometimes do my own research on the item i want to buy online and find out more infos on the item @ you can ask around to add up the input you have already surf. So, dig up as much infos you can so that you have a clear picture on what you are buying.

3. As the seller and owner of my own business, i have the right to run it the way i want to. I do believe that consent or permission from other ppl is not relevant especially on how i want to post my advertisement, putting the price for the items i sell - because that is personal interest. Everybody has their own personal way to attract customers, made your biz well known and get profits at the same time. So there is no rules or guidelines that need to followed if you want to run a business. It is all PERSONAL TOUCH.

4. Last but not least, do remember that when you have agreed to accept the offer either by way or words or conduct, all the terms and conditions will also applies. So, before you accept any offer, it is advisable for you to get as many input as possible before saying YES.

** Sorry if this post is zzzzzzzzzzzz, but i just love to share my thoughts as i know there are people out there is trying to pull me & my biz down. But i know i can be strong with all the supports i have out there. thank you darlings.... MUAHS!

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